As some of you might know we are attending Reeperbahn Festival and Berlin Independent Night. What you might not know is the place and time.
Both Hamburg and Berlin was a blast last time and Paul Westerberg say it best: I can’t hardly wait.

The Rock Cafe – St. Pauli
Friday 27 sept.

cassiopeia Berlin – Groß
Saturday 28 sept.

See you there. Both places!


Grande Roses Genuine World And Universe Tour Management Consultant Bureau Of Tours And Managment


Instead of showing you all pictures taken during our latest trips , we mashed them into a two minute action video.


Waiting for the night.


Hi all!

We got some updates that we’re really stoked about.

We have been booked to reperbahn festival. It’s in late september and we are longing for a visit.


Great news would be a great understatement!

We have been confirmed as entertainers in our own back pocket. We are glad to be back on stage on this years Storsjöyra in Östersund, Sweden.

This will be the highlight of the year!


Great week ahead!

German tour with Smoke Mohawk.

We even made new tees for this reason…

01.05. Frankfurt – 11er
02.05. München – Orangehouse
03.05. Hamburg – Grüner Jäger
05.05. Berlin – Cassiopeia
06.05. Köln – MCT









See you there!


Now its finally out. The stone that’s been crushing our shoulders has been lift off.

It took nearly ten years to get the debut album done and now its finally in your hands. And hopefully it will follow you around for a while.

We’ve had a bunch of great german reviews – Some in the middle – But we’re still waiting for those that really hate it.

To the right you’ll find links to variuos places where you can listen and/or buy our album.

At Facebook/twitter you can find more instant updates.

//Grande Roses


Happy Easter!
Today is a great day.This is actually the day Noisolution release our new album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We asked Jesus to review the album:
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”[Lk. 23:34]
“Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”[Lk. 23:43]
“Woman, behold, your son!” [Jn. 19:25-27]
“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”  [Mt. 27:46] [Mk. 15:34].
“I thirst.”[Jn. 19:28]
“It is finished.”[Jn. 19:30]
“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!”[Lk. 23:46

//Peter & Judas


Rock… voller Pathos und Groesse, dass er fast Stadion-Dimensionen annimmt, aber doch so dreckig und filzig, dass er in jeden Keller paßt.
Treibend, rollend, dunkel, düster und unglaublich mächtig. GRANDE ROSES aus Stockholm mit ihrem Debut Album „Disease“ ab heute im Handel!


This friday (march 29th*) we are not celebrating bunnies or the art of carrying a wooden cross.
Noisolution are releasing our debut album “Disease” in Germany!

You can get it here: or at other good shops and mailorders in Germany.

We are also coming to your town (if you actually live in any of these cities. Otherwise we’re not):

01.05. Frankfurt – 11er
02.05. München – Orangehouse
03.05. Hamburg – Grüner Jäger
05.05. Berlin – Cassiopeia
06.05. Köln – MCT

*Scandinavians will have to wait until 3rd of april for the relaese.


This wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Henrik Rostrup at Pixl Family. So the hugest amount of thank you’s for all the work and time you gave us.

Grande Roses – Radio Heartbreak

Cinematography & edit by Henrik Rostrup
Best boy Kevin Olberg
Colorist by Jonas Hed & Anaïde Chirinian/La Machine
Produced by Pixl Family